Harveston Highline, Issue #1

Welcome to the first Harveston Highline, a new information blast from the Preserve at Harveston. Here we will provide you with useful information about what is going on in the Harveston community and give you updates everyone can use. Look for information about smart home integration, the history of Longwood plantation (where Harveston in located), and how to get your house ready for spring. This month, we have some information about the community garden, open for planting April, 1st!
We are excited about the opening of the community garden. If you haven’t driven back to Nature Creek Road to see the progress, then you might not realize that the garden will be ready in time for planting spring vegetables. Grant and Allison Guidroz of Fullness Organic (a fixture at the Red Stick Farmer’s Market) will be helping all the budding gardeners with advice about plant selection and care. Grant will be available on the 2nd or 3rd (t.b.d) Saturday of each month with soil amendments, insect and disease control advice, and general horticultural advice. You have probably enjoyed some of Fullness Farm’s micro-greens on an entrée around town; ask him how he grows those delicious baby greens! 

Fullness Farms also has 24 spots in their new CSA program that they are offering to Harveston residents! A CSA, short for community-supported agriculture, is like a subscription for vegetables that also supports local farmers. In this case the farmers are our neighbors, Allison and Grant Guidroz. They started Fullness Organic during college, installing raised beds and edible landscaping in their backyard.

Today Fullness Organic is growing on the north-western corner of the Harveston property. Fullness has always been committed to organic growing practices, and the beautiful, high-quality, mineral-rich alluvial soil makes doing what they love a little easier. They grow a lot of lettuce and baby greens for salads, and a little bit of everything else.
After college Grant and Allison apprenticed at Inglewood Organic Farm in Alexandria and they are teaming up with them again to take you on a vegetable bon voyage. The Spring Season Subscription is $250 for ten weeks starting April, 1st. Each week you will get an assortment of the best of what's in season as spring turns into summer. Email them at Hello@FullnessOrganic.com to sign up or get more information.

Things you read on Harveston Highline will be posted on the blog section of the community website. You can also find helpful updates about how we are growing.

Emailed: February, 23 2018