Harveston Highline, Issue #1

Welcome to the first Harveston Highline, a new information blast from the Preserve at Harveston. Here we will provide you with useful information about what is going on in the Harveston community and give you updates everyone can use. Look for information about smart home integration, the history of Longwood plantation (where Harveston in located), and how to get your house ready for spring. This month, we have some information about the community garden, open for planting April, 1st!

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Chuck Dupree is currently developing a new two story plan that offers a lanai overlooking backyard space.  This home will be located on Lot 12.  Call Cathy at (225) 413-9801 for additional information. Tyler Watson is permitting a new home plan for Lot 16.  Tyler has built this home in another subdivision in the Baton Rouge market and received rave reviews.  We are excited to see it come up in The Preserve. This home will also allow for backyard space. Alan Colby is completing his new two story plan located on Lot 48. This plan has been well received. Alan is currently building a custom home, in the community, that is a modified version of this plan for buyers.